be right in the middle of it instead of just being there.


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of virtual reality.

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! The full-service advertising agency dmp brings your communication to a new visual level and links your content with VIRTUAL REALITY. We transfer information into a new world that can be perceived with all the senses. Sounds like a dream of the future?

We build an artificial world in which your customer is completely immersed with the help of VR GLASSES. Thus he becomes an active participant, can interact with objects or people and influence them. With the help of VR you present yourself in the most innovative way. The experience arouses many feelings in customers and remains in the memory for a long time. Virtual reality projects can be used anytime and anywhere. Regardless of time and place. Virtual reality applications offer a special experience and are absolute crowd pullers at trade fairs and events.

VIRTUAL REALITY VR In contrast to 360 degree video, virtual reality is developed completely digitally on the computer (animation). They transfer information and messages into an interactive, virtual world that can be perceived with all the senses, which the viewer normally cannot enter: in this world, places, products, activities, procedures and processes are animated in 3D and presented in a memorable and impressive manner. As with 360 degree video, the virtual world is interactive, i.e. the movements and perspectives of the viewer are taken into account in the real world and transferred to virtual reality. Use VR technology to bring your products and services to life emotionally.

MORE FORESIGHT AND HOLISTIC THINKING We plan the use of virtual reality with foresight and always as part of a holistic marketing and communication strategy. We always ensure a common thread that runs through all areas of your company presentation. We are the point of contact and director for all communication channels. You get the complete all-round supply from a single source.

#VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS & VIRTUAL FAIRS You want to demonstrate your products & services #VIRTUAL and at the same time PERSONALLY and convince your customers with a WOW effect in digital conversations? Do you want to have the opportunity to send an INNOVATIVE presentation of your products and services to your customers as a SELF-EXPLANATORY tool so that they can view all the details again at any time, INDEPENDENT OF THE TIME & LOCATION? Read #MORE about the use of animation in #VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS & FAIRS.

scope virtual reality & 360 degree film.

  • Development of ideas, elaboration of a concept for virtual reality or 360 degree film, taking into account the holistic marketing strategy

  • Production content: 3D data creation, 3D animation, simulation & visualization or film production, implementation of the shooting

  • Post-production, editing

  • Ambisonic Audio (360 degree sound) & dubbing

  • Publication: on request, we will support you with publishing in social networks

  • All-round service: rental of VR devices and technical support

use the advantages of virtual reality.

  • IMMERSION – MERGING WITH THE VIRTUAL WORLD Immersion means that your customer perceives virtual reality to be more real than the actual present. The use of VR glasses Oculus GO enables you to achieve this state.

  • INTERACTION – INTERACTIVITY In VR projects, interactivity takes place e.g. via the direction of view. The customer determines which details they want to see exactly, which perspective they want to take.

  • ARE YOU A PIONEER? USE THE FIRST-MOVER ADVANTAGE Use the possibilities of a virtual reality project and make a technological statement.

  • MORE SUSTAINABLE AND INTENSIVE With virtual reality, you can reach your customers more intensively and sustainably than ever before. VR projects are new and original and offer real added value for the viewer, as they can determine for themselves in which direction they want to look.

virtual reality – an infinite number of areas of application.

  • 3D ANIMATION AS A VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE – MAKE TECHNOLOGY VISIBLE AND EXPERIENCE Imagine a 3D animation in which your machines, products or processes are animated. In addition to the usual effective tracking shots, a viewer can now fully merge with the animation and determine for himself which details he would like to see from which angle, which perspective he prefers. The interactivity takes place via the line of sight.

  • VIRTUAL REALITY FOR TRADE FAIRS & EVENTS Virtual Reality turns every trade fair appearance or your company event into an eye-catcher and a crowd puller. Convince with fascinating product presentations and make a technological statement. Develop a branded virtual reality game, the content of which reflects your business area or your product world. In this way you combine relevant content with fun!

  • TRAINING, TRAINING, EDUCATION With virtual and at the same time interactive training you can clearly convey content, work steps and processes that require explanation. This means a virtual experience for customers and employees that is remembered particularly intensely and lastingly. Costs are reduced dramatically as personnel no longer have to be trained directly on a machine. This is done using a VR application, independent of location and time, accessible at any time and as often as desired. Give your mechanics step-by-step instructions for the maintenance of machines or train your employees in topics such as occupational safety.

  • ARCHITECTURE Architecture projects are staged even before the groundbreaking ceremony. Viewers can walk through properties and make purchasing decisions on the basis of a virtual tour. Future projects are immediately tangible and tangible for customers. This leads to better decisions and fewer complications in the later course of the project.

  • VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS Present your products in an emotional and interactive way, and all of this in the smallest physical space. Virtual Reality helps you to break new ground in creativity and to have a maximum effect on customers.

  • VR MEDICINE With virtual reality simulations in the medical field, processes are prepared in a particularly understandable and informative manner.

  • PRODUCT DESIGN In product design, virtual reality optimizes the entire design and creation process and clearly illustrates options for action.

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