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Today CONTENT has to be more than just informative and explanatory, because it also has to convey feelings and create an emotional effect on the viewer. Valuable content is the basis of successful CONTENT MARKETING. Customers are usually not looking for a product, but for a SOLUTION to a problem.

That is why the content must show your approach to a solution in an easily understandable way and clarify the added value that you offer. So make yourself the PROBLEM SOLVER for your LEADS.A LEAD is a qualified contact with a prospect who is interested in your solution, your company or your product. In addition, he is so convinced that he will give you his address data (lead = data record) for further dialogue and hopefully become a customer. The content must therefore always be based on the needs of your leads.

We adapt this procedure to the defined BUYER PERSONA(S): Special attention is paid to the definition of the Buyer Persona (s). This is understood to be a fictitious representative from your main target group, who is best characterized (demographic characteristics, needs, wishes and pain points). Building on this, a strategy is developed to convince exactly this person. Content marketing has to prove that your company has EXPERT KNOWLEDGE about problems for this target person. This makes you a first-choice contact person who is trusted and recommended to others.

Modern B2B marketing takes into account a MULTI-CHANNEL STRATEGY, which means that all available offline and online communication channels are used.

But: Stop looking for your customers, because through modern INBOUND MARKETING via the website, SEO, SEA or social media channels, we lead your leads to conversion. That is, spread the right content and topics in the market and prove that you know exactly what you are talking about. This is how you become an expert. Only in a second or even third step do your leads become customers.

Believe in this TRANSFORMATION: Because good inbound marketing transforms a stranger into a visitor, a lead, a customer and ultimately a referrer. These 4 phases of the purchase decision process (attract, convert, close, inspire) are called the CUSTOMER JOURNEY and are run through by the customer. With the right strategy, this inbound marketing process can be designed very effectively.

we offer that more.

  • Development of sales and dialogue campaigns

  • Focus on sustainable leads

  • Inbound marketing strategy

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Social media strategy

  • Omni-channel planning

  • Definition of buyer persona (s)

  • Development of the customer journey

  • Lead management

  • Implementation of sales-oriented pages

  • Performance & awareness campaigns

  • Influencer Marketing

  • SEO, SEA & UX optimization

  • Dialogue marketing and email marketing

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