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Do you face the complex challenges that a B2B advertising, in which everything revolves around the dialogue between experts, brings with it every day? Do you know exactly that without relevance there is no effect in the B2B area? Are you wondering whether a holistic and creative marketing mix is ​​right for you? Do you want 1 agency that offers versatile competence from 1 source so that holistic thinking is actually lived? Are you looking for 1 agency that STRENGTHENS you because it demonstrates strength itself, understands innovation, technology and industry and speaks your B2B language exactly?

The agency dmp stands for this STRENGTH, because we set standards in B2B advertising & communication, especially for technical products and services that require explanation, because MORE is what we are about.

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Actually, we offer you 361 degrees, because we do not have a fixed service portfolio, but are constantly reinventing ourselves for our customers. Creatively and technologically, we show strength and always go 1 degree beyond our limits. Our offer not only includes all the services of a classic advertising agency. With our know-how in animation, film, virtual reality and content marketing, we open up new, innovative ways of modern B2B communication for you. We know how to convey complex messages in an informative and at the same time innovative, fascinating and cross-media way.

With 130 industrial & B2B customers, advertising and communication for complex technologies and products and services that require a lot of explanation are our specialization and passion. Our strength: we are specialists and speak your language exactly.

We recognized very early on that the time was more than ripe to sell products and services digitally, virtually and with a WOW effect. Today – in times of Corona – we can present ourselves as experts in digital sales, virtual showrooms & virtual trade fairs.

Maintain your direct line to customers and employees with live conferences, live events and webinars, especially in times like these, and experience our special all-in-one solutions.

Because classic advertising measures are no longer enough for B2B companies for a long time. We live the digital future and want to shape it professionally.

Because B2B marketing sees itself as a dialogue between experts who know exactly what it is about. You will quickly see that we not only know what we are talking about, but also understand in detail what you are talking about.

We have been offering this MORE for 20 YEARS, for 130 NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS. For internationally known brands, start-ups, innovation leaders as well as medium-sized companies. Across all industries.

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We offer MORE. We do not have a fixed service portfolio, but are constantly reinventing ourselves for our B2B customers. So creatively, we always go 1 degree beyond our limits.

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We have been successful on the market for 20 years and offer 20 years of specialization in B2B, industry, technology and innovation. We understand our customers and the needs of B2B and can demonstrate competence and strength.

We live the idea of ​​full service. We are specialists with specialist knowledge and generalists with holistic thinking at the same time. We know that only the holistic support of a B2B customer can meet the requirements that B2B advertising places on us. This holistic way of thinking is our strength. Our portfolio therefore goes far beyond the classic offer of advertising agencies. This is what sets us apart and we are very proud of it.

130 B2B customers have made us specialists. We know very well that the marketing of industrial goods, goods that require explanation and technical products entails special requirements. Our technical understanding and the use of special advertising techniques set us apart.

We have been accompanying our customers in the processes of digital transformation for 20 years. We are specialists in creating digital web presentations, webinars, webcasts and virtual showrooms. With our in-house solution PLATO.EXPOSED you can present your company and your product and service world to your customers digitally, virtually, personally and interactively – and all this with a WOW effect.

This agency credo is reflected in our close customer loyalty, because many of our customers have been loyal to us for 8 or more years.

This agency credo is reflected in our close customer loyalty, because many of our customers have been loyal to us for 8 or more years.

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We want to be MORE than just an agency for our customers. We want to be the contact person for everything, convince through speed, flexibility, accuracy and reliability. We have already convinced more than 130 CUSTOMERS with our concept, such as KAPSCH, ANDRITZ, AT&S, SIEMENS, MAYR-MELNHOF, PIPELIFE, PANKL, RHI, ACO, FRAUNHOFER, PORR, HIRSCH, TTTECH, SMC, KML, APG, RATIOPHARM, AUMA , SECURIKETT, and much more

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  • The team is absolutely solution-oriented: listening carefully / quickly grasping what the customer wants / creative / reliable / speed and high quality / uncomplicated.

    Kapsch TrafficCom AG,
    Investor Relations Officer
  • We are a start-up from Berlin and develop aircraft wind turbines - a completely new type of technology which, with automated kite systems, is supposed to make wind power almost base load capable and cheaper than coal power. The WERBEAGENTUR DMP is an ideal partner for us to enter the market, as it can implement complex issues effectively and present them in a comprehensible manner. The EnerKite clips from dmp are an essential success factor of our crowd investment campaign and a real eye-catcher at our trade fair appearances.

    Enerkite GmbH Berlin,
  • I got to know and appreciate the WERBEAGENTUR DMP as a reliable partner for a wide variety of tasks. It offers the finest full service. The high level of creativity combined with the necessary pragmatics should certainly be emphasized. A reliable team with a clear goal orientation.

    ACO GmbH,
  • The WERBEAGENTUR DMP is fast, reliable, creative, surprising. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the understanding of technology-oriented companies and the technically perfect implementation have convinced us for almost 15 years. From brainstorming to conceptual advice to design, our ideas were always implemented perfectly. At dmp, we receive high-quality creative services at fair prices.

    Corporate Communications & Sales
  • We benefit a lot from the cooperation with the WERBEAGENTUR DMP, as they are the ideal partner for us as a full-service provider and specialist in industrial marketing. The collaboration is quick and straightforward with a maximum of creative output.

    Marketing and Communications
  • The WERBEAGENTUR DMP is characterized by a high level of professional competence and the consistently high quality of its work. Although Fraunhofer IZM is based in Berlin, the collaboration has been running smoothly for many years. Dedicated customer care is a top priority at dmp - they offer more when it comes to combining advice, technical understanding, creativity and competence.

    Fraunhofer IZM,
    Group Manager Embedding & Substrate Technologies
  • Wherever quick and professional implementation is required, the full-service WERBEAGENTUR DMP is the right partner. It combines creativity, the highest technical understanding with 2D / 3D know-how and is therefore the ideal partner for us. The handling of international projects in the areas of graphic & trade fair design, animation, film productions and presentations works smoothly.

    Andritz AG,
    Global Marketing Manager
  • The WERBEAGENTUR DMP has been proving to us for almost 15 years that it is a reliable implementation partner for all types of projects. You support us with national as well as international campaigns in the areas of graphic & trade fair design, animation & film, as well as presentations & web programming. AT&S AG, Head of Corporate Communications
  • At the WERBEAGENTUR DMP maximum professionalism meets creativity, passion and ability. This is exactly the right mix for the high demands of a multinational company like SMC. The advice is always comprehensive, the concepts goal-oriented and the cooperation very cooperative.

    SMC Pneumatik GmbH,
    Communications Manager
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Latest News

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Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit bei der kreativen Gestaltung der neuen Bildwelt für den Annual Report der KAPSCH Trafficcom.

ANDRITZ vertraut erneut auf Agentur dmp bei 3D Animationen

Unser Full-Service Angebot an ANDRITZ beinhaltet seit fast 1 Jahrzehnt auch high-end 2D & 3D Animationen. Auch heuer werden die neuesten Maschinenentwicklungen visuell von uns zum Leben erweckt.

AT&S veranstaltet TechDays erstmals im Virtual Showroom der Agentur dmp

Weltpremiere bei AT&S – mehr als 200 Teilnehmer besuchen die TechDays erstmals virtuell im „Virtual Showroom Plato.exposed”, designed und entwickelt von der Werbeagentur dmp.